Corporate Account Representative
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              John joined the Schantz team in 2014 as the corporate representative. He has over thirty five years of experience in the food service industry operating independent restaurants, catering operations and five star hotels restaurants. John has worked his way up through the food service industry from early days as a dishwasher at Howard Johnsons to corporate chef and consultant throughout the Chicago land area.

In 1998 John created his first US patent for a modular temperature maintaining food receptacle system. In early 2001 John began to build and manufacture his patented products starting from a small warehouse and later commercially manufactured. During that process John learned a great deal about manufacturing. Later he licensed the products for sale throughout international markets with Rubbermaid and Lakeside manufacturing.  In 2012, he invented a modular temperature maintaining and regulating storage system.

John’s food knowledge, manufacturing and selling skills are a natural fit for the world of food trucks.  When he saw business owners trying to find a fit in the mobile market, he knew he could help them with design and a work flow plan within a truck. John spends time monitoring mobile food truck industry trends, staying ahead of the curve for his clients. While working in the food truck industry he has been both a representative for a manufacturer and an owner of a food truck brokerage.  John is excited to bring his experience to the Schantz team; spreading the message of Schantz’ 60 plus years of service to current and new customers.

John is married to his wife Patty and has 4 children, Michelle (Ryan), Carole (Lawrence), Jeff and Scott, and two grandchildren Maeve and Nora. John spends most of his free time with family, working on small projects or creating new patents.