Fully Enclosed Stainless Cabinets         All of our food trucks come standard with fully enclosed stainless steel undercounter cabinets.  These cabinets provide storage, are durable and keep stock and other items from sliding into the aisle during travel.  They also look great!

             Backlit Awning Signs                Standing out from the crowd is important.  Our     flip-up backlit awnings provide a great place for marketing as you work through your line of customers and at night they act as a beacon inviting patrons to your Food Truck!  Also, our awnings are easily raised and lowered by 1 person, making setup a breeze.

                Spray in Flooring                        We use a tough, durable spray in flooring system in all of our food trucks.  This flooring type is non slip, easy to clean and durable.  In the long run it looks better and holds up better than typical vinyl flooring or the commonly used aluminum treadplate.

      Fully Enclosed Upper Cabinets      Storage is very important in the Mobile Food Industry.  You need to be able to load up and be prepared for the duration of your serving hours.  Wherever possible we use these fully enclosed upper cabinets instead of open shelving/racking.  It provides a clean look and keeps dry stock and supplies from flying around the truck during transport.

                       T-5 Lighting                             A bright workspace is important, as is energy efficiency.  We utilize T5 light bulbs in our Food Trucks.  They have a higher lumen rating (light output) than current LED solutions on the market and have an incredibly low amp draw.  Low amp draw allows you to use your generator for cooking equipment instead of lighting.  Our food trucks are hands down the brightest working environment in the industry!

          Easy to Clean and Maintain            We pride ourselves in how easy our Food Trucks are to clean and maintain.  Most manufacturers utilize metal conduit to house the wiring in their trucks.  At Schantz we create easily accessible smooth "wire ways" around the top of our kitchens.  This provides a smooth surface to clean dirt and grease from.  Its also easily accessed if you ever have a need to troubleshoot the electrical system.  If you've ever tried to clean around conduit at the end of the day...your welcome.

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