For years the Food Truck industry has utilized the stepvan as its preferred platform.  You know them as UPS trucks, Fedex trucks or maybe a bread truck.  However at Schantz we feel like this has never been the preferred solution, it was just the most readily available.  That changes NOW.  With our 60+ year heritage in manufacturing we decided that the Food Truck needed a make-over.  We took the Isuzu diesel chassis and we built our OWN kitchen on the back.  What does this mean for you?   It means a larger, wider custom built kitchen intentionally designed and engineered around your needs; not constrained by the footprint of the typical stepvan!

By building the "box" in house we have the opportunity to utilize unlimited floorplans, provide a lower serving window and most importantly provide a kitchen that is WIDER and TALLER than any stepvan in the market.  Also, the Isuzu cab seats 3 people comfortably and offers an almost limitless number of options for comfort, communication and safety.  PLUS the Isuzu chassis has a much better turning radius than a typical stepvan which is important when trying to fit in tight spaces.  All in all the Isuzu Food Truck by Schantz is the product that the industry has been waiting for; brought to market by the only company with the experience and dedication to innovation, Schantz Mfg.

Isuzu Footprint

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