Your Local Builder.  The most experienced Mobile Kitchen and Food Truck manufacturer in the country is located right in the St. Louis Metro.  Schantz Mobile Kitchens, located just 30 miles East of St. Louis, in Highland, Il. has been in business for over 60 years.  Let by 3rd generation owner Mike Schantz, our company produces the highest quality kitchens in the market.

What Does Local Mean to You?  Local means that you can visit our facility.  Local means that you can touch, feel and see the quality.  Local means that you can work directly with our team, look us in the eye and leave with a handshake.  Local means that if you need a repair or have an issue we are only 30 minutes away.  Local means less hassle and a better customer experience.

Schantz is a fully custom manufacturing       facility with in house design, engineering and fabrication.  We are experts in health code compliance, equipment sourcing and workflow efficiency.  With over 1500 units manufactured we are the industry leader!

Please contact us to learn more and to get your Mobile Kitchen project off the ground!